TANZANIA Aslay – Nyang’anyang’a

– Nyang’anyang’a

The slaying continues for Tanzanian rapper as he drops another fine number with an accompanying music video. That number is titled “Nyang’anyang’a” and is already ruling the airwaves back home.

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Until he dropped “Nyang’anyang’a, was quite active in the collaboration market, appearing on G Nako‘s “Edda” alongside Rich Mavoko, Osama and Podo‘s “Homa” and on Shilole‘s “Ukinitekenya.

His collaboration with Nandy, titled “Ninogeshe,” is not one to be forgotten easily. By the way the list is of collaborations is by no means comprehensive.

Down here, peeps usually say “TGIF” (Thank God It’s Friday). Well, what are you gonna say “TGIF” for? It should be for something as exciting as the latest number from Aslay; it should be in prt at least because you have the club charmer “Nyang’anyang’a” in hand, something to help you unwind and forget the stress of the week, yes?

In this track, Aslay may be said to have lived up to his adopted stage name: he (A)slay(ed) it. Come on rock this number from him who had given previous club charmers like “Hakuna,” “Kwatu,” “Ananikomooa,” “Natirika” and several others.

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Stream and download “Aslay – Nyang’anyang’a” below, share on social media and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Aslay – Nyang’anyang’a: Download


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