Nifa Fanafoule – Tout Donner

– Tout Donner

singer and “Dosabado” mastermind is definitely marching on without his former Kozak band members. The light of his artistry is a pleasure to watch, especially in his newest track titled “Tout Donner.

Tout Donner” is a sterling addition to the music of the , a lyrical benediction, especially to the streets and its denizens, voices try to master their environment and circumstances, voices that may have to give everything.

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In tenor, message and delivery “Tout Donner” will most likely take the first position as one on the most engaging tracks from since he went solo. It is somewhat didactic, this track, but not cloying.

It is evening down here and actually the ideal time to just rock this song. Chew on its meat. Tomorrow one may wake up fat, fat in knowledge of the threads that interpolate life and society.

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This song should find a place on your playlist. It is worth having, worth listening to, and worth sharing too. Come on, you should be grooving to one of the best offerings from Nifa Fanafoule yet.

Simply stream and download “Nifa Fanafoule – Tout Donner” below, share on social media and join the conversation by droping your thoughts in the comment section.

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