KENYA Bensoul – Lucy

Bensoul – Lucy

Kenyan singer Bensoul has just made a strategic soul investment in a new song titled “Lucy.” Lucy? Artistes seem to have a special fondness for the name. One easily recalls Nigeria’s Runtown having used the title earlier (in the song “Oh Oh Oh (Lucy)“).

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Well, love of the name or not, Bensoul is one rapper at home with his gifts, his new song bears the sinews of one familiar with the industry and how to stay relevant in it. He is a singer confident in his own abilities.   

Benson Mutua, who you know as Bensoul, may be young (under 25), but he has got what it takes to roll with the best in the industry. Just leave it to time to flash his full magic. The “N’tala Nawe” mastermind is well on his way.

We are down here, waiting to see him fully unravel and of course share his unravelling in all its colours

It is afternoon already. Best if you get set to have a wonderful time on the dance floor. You gotta shed the stress of the day and find your soul in something exciting, then kiss. It should be “Lucy.” Go on and have the time of your life.

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