Sidiki Diabaté – I Love You

Sidiki Diabaté – I Love You

Valentine’s Day may be technically over, but not the spirit of Valentine’s Day, as Malian rapper Sidiki Diabaté has just shown us with his song titled “I Love You.

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At 27 Sidiki Diabaté has done remarkably well as an artiste. Singnedd to Universal Music Africa, the songster has earned several awards nominations, including MTV Africa Music Award for Listeners’ Choice and even a Grammy.

Among his songs you find the following: “Dondo Temena,” “KPC,” “Cet air,” “Ignanafi Debena,” “Dakan Tigui,” “ Kalifale Baoula,” “Galo Te Me Bolila,” “IOnterlude,” “Choisie” and “Massaya.

He is one songster you are highly encouraged to check out. He is an incredible cask of talents, a voice you should listen to again and again. In fact, I consider him one of the finest rappers in right now.

Circumspect about my judgment? No probs, peeps. Listen to “I Love You” and check out other songs by him and arrive at a verdict yourself. By the way, you may start with “I Love You” – the lyrical feast in hand. Come with me.

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Simply stream and download “Sidiki Diabaté – I Love You” below, share on social media and join the conversation by dropping ypur thoughts in the comment section.

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