King Monada – Nkhetha Bjala Ft. DJ Solira

King Monada – Nkhetha Bjala Ft. DJ Solira

The king is here. Long live the King! It is goin to be an exciting month as celebrated South African musician King  Monada drops another single, titled “Nkhetha Bjala.” The single featured DJ Solira.

King Monada had an explosive 2018. Thanks to his monster hit “Malwedhe,” which inspired the #IdibalaChallenge – or fainting challenge – King Monada earned global resonance. The song in question travelled around the world and earned King Monada an invitiation to the United Kingdom.

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He has started 2019 on a fiery note. “Nkhetha Bjala,” his newest number, is a potential hit. Already, it is being played widely in South Africa.

has got several songs to his name, most of the hits. In this list of songs you find “Bao Lecha” and “Chiwana

King Monad and have a long and interesting collaboration history. They have collaborated on some fine numbers already, including “Motho Kadi Bag” (a song by , which also featured Ceephonik and Lebb Simmons).

Let and project some great vibe into your with “Nkhetha Bjala.” You should love the experience. Don’t let boredom intrude.

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Stream and download “King Monada – Nkhetha Bjala Ft. ” below, share on social media and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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