Frank Edwards – Happiness

– Happiness

’s star is in the mood to share some happiness. And “Happines” he is giving everyone. That’s the title of his newest track. Come with me.

Happiness” is first single of 2019. A first single but a beauty all the same, something you would want to check out. This song comes behind Frank Edwards’s sign out track of 2018, “In Love With You.

Other splendid jams from Frank Edwards – and I recommend you check them out – include “Unto the King,” “Praise Your Name,” “Who Run Tings?,” “Heaven Rocks,” featuring Mayo, “Miye Ruwe,” “Supernatural” and “Sweet Spirit of God,” featuring Nicole C. Mullen and Chee.

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Happiness” comes studded with lyrical grace. It is a work of finesse. By the way, this is the trademark one has come to associate with the songster. He is worth listening to.

Happiness” was produced by Frank Edwards himself. And no, the production wasn’t mediocre. You should be pleased to find this out for yourself, and the song’s beauty too. You may well start now. Please do.

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Simply stream and download “Frank Edwards – Happiness” below, share on social media and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


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