Yung Pabi – Undastand ft. Worlasi

Yung Pabi – Undastand ft. Worlasi
Yung Pabi – Undastand ft.

Ghanaian talented artists Yung Pabi drops a brand new single, titled “Undastand”. On this particular one, he collaborates with fellow clever rapper Worlasi to give this cool track.

“Undastand” is a record that gets to inform the masses never to give up on faith, and educates that no matter the amount of burden your challenges put on you, success will come your way and the people around you will not “undastand”. 

In ’s hook, he talks about how boys will understand one day that he is the only one in this game, plus when it comes to style, nobody compares.

The afro song was produced by Reynolds The Gentleman. Check it out below!

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