Eddy Kenzo – Kaana Ka Mbaata

Eddy Kenzo – Kaana Ka Mbaata
– Kaana Ka Mbaata

Kaana Ka Mbaata” is not exactly the newest number from talented Ugandan rapper . The song has been released years earlier, but it has remained some magical freshness.

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rounded off 2018 with “Don’t Care.” Having “Kaana Ka Mbaata” right now is like having a new gift, a gift sent to your earlier but which you never had the chance to possess. The feeling, on listening to this song, is one of rapture.

2018 may be called a superlative year for Eddy Kenzo, as he made some important collaboration and also released some splendid numbers. He closed 2018 as one of the most prolific rappers in Kenya.

If one were to take “Kaana Ka Mbaata” as the newest offering for this year, then Eddy Kenzo is well on his way to yet another prolific year. Last yea, he was able to limn songs such as “Ghetto,” “Nanzili,” “Margarita,” “Ogwo,” and “Body Language.

It is a new month, a new year, and we cannot wait to see more musical fireworks from this Ugandan with the singular gift of entertainment without ennui. Wouldn’t you rather luxuriate in the splendid musical universe that is “Kaana Ka Mbaata”?

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