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– Finally

Tanzanian rapper and “Siwezi” mastermind has got a new number which he magically titled “Finally.” Well, finally there’s a song that will get many grooving on the dance floor this January. Finally.

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Finally” is a good advertisement for in his elements, having a good time and desirous of you sharing that good time with him. You will certainly enjoy every minute spent listening to this song. Promise.

Beka Flavour, who rounded off 2018 with a collaborative work with Aslay, Mbalamwezi and Mack Zube titled “Wanachelewa,” is the mastermind of “Siachani Nae,” “Mazingira,” “Mbayuwayu,” “Naona Kiza” and “Tuwe Sare,” featuring Mr Blue.

He had appeared on Bonge La Nyau’s “Najiona Mbali,B2K’s “Nibebe” and several others.

There is not exactly final about “Finally” – except maybe the slashing of your boredom and your bored outlook on life. These are welcome. So go get a dose of “Finally.” You are hear for great beats and to live life to the fullest, for finally the grim reaper calls…

Dance a jig now that you can. Repeat. Do that again.

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