Shane Eagle – Homework As$Ignment

Shane Eagle – Homework As$Ignment
– Homework As$Ignment

A few days back,  came through with his “Never Grow Up” project which came as his first since his last album was released last year and we have this song titled “Homework As$ignment” to sample from it.

This song being sampled is one of the songs off the recently released “Never Grow Up” EP that has seven tracks and it is in fact one of the standout songs on that project.

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While some critics have been going on about the tracks being really short, we are choosing to focus on the quality packed in that project even if length wise, the songs are short. So, yes, maybe only one song reached the 3 minute mark, still the energy on that project more than makes up for the length.

The “Yellow” album released by  last year had more length and generated a lot of buzz too and this “Never Grow Up” EP is same since it has gotten people talking. It’s a start. Those who talk about it will listen too and that’s a good thing as we love it and know you will too.

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To enjoy this new song, stream or download here and drop your comments in the comments section.

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