DJ Arafat – Tapis Vélo (Afro Décalé)

–Tapis Vélo (Afro Décalé) – Copy

One of the ’s better known disc jockeys has dropped a new banger that will win you over easily. Titled “Tapis Vélo (Afro Décalé),” this song will certainly clinch a place as one of the sturdier releases from the DJ so far.

Tapis Vélo (Afro Décalé)” is one of the tracks from ’s album “Renaissance.” On the whole, the album packs as much beauty as the song in review.

 DJ Arafat comes from a family of great musical talent, so it is not surprising seeing him take up music as a career. By the way, he has since made a great success of his chosen field. You cannot miss his name in who is who in music at the momemt. And even after now: he has solidified his position in the industry.

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Songs such as “Chaper Chaper,” “MV,” “Ca Bouai Massacre,” “Ca Bouai,” “Pandoukoule (Remix),” “Dosabado (Freestyle),” and “Pkoky,” featuring Yvan Tresor, stands him out as a brilliant artiste.

You get yet another glimpse of his brilliant artistry in “Tapis Vélo (Afro Décalé).” The pleasure is all yours. All yours. Go grab the whole shebang.

Simply stream and download “DJ Arafat – Tapis Vélo (Afro Décalé)” below, share on social media, and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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