Tenor – Balance

– Bahat Life ∞

Cameroonian rapper ’s track “Balance” (from his album “Nnom Ngui”) may have been released long before Christmas, but the track certainly caries some Christmas vibes.

Call it a bonus for the festive season or what you will. Either way, the song is yours to jam to, and you win. The world is for winners.

has remarkable advancement since he registered his presence on Africa’s music scene, with a belt of splendid songs and collaborations to boot. As an artiste, he makes a delightful entertainer and will not only win you with “Balance,” but will give your life a semblance of balance too.

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Yes. And this is not a joke. Other fine numbers credited to Tenor include “Bahat Life ∞,” “Le Ventre,” “Bobo,” “Monsieur Mignon ,” “Marriage,” “LVMH,” “On Finit,” and “Bad thing.

Indeed there are yet other songs, butt he ones given here are a good introduction to Tenor for those who may not be familiar with his work yet.

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It is Christmas already, a time to unwind and a time to think. Make the time count by spending it listening to “Balance.” Will you?

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