Tenor – Bahat Life ∞

– Bahat Life ∞

I am certain you are going to think highly of “Bahat Life ∞,” one of the tracks on Cameroonian rapper ’s album “Nnom Ngui,” as it advertises at the height of his powers as an artiste.

Bahat Life ∞” is without a doubt one 0ne of the finer tracks in the album. Its beat is refined and engaging like whipped cream – a delightful medley of lyrics that woo and win quickly and definitely. You don’t wanna let this song pass you by.

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There is so much to said, and to be gained, from this song. Besides its excellent beat, There’s Tenor’s splendid voice that literally soothes and calms and in many ways affirm you. The voice is not to be missed. Not to be missed.

Trevor, who had done “Bon Trouve” in collaboration with top producer Ramzy back in August, has got a real winner in “Bahat Life ∞,” one of his most engaging releases to date. Don’t take my word for it, though. best if you find out for yourself.

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Please do. Simply stream and download “Tenor – Bahat Life ∞” below, share on social media, and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


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