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– Nani

There is no end to the excitement as Tanzanian songstress holds firm to the mic and blasts away in this fine track titled “Nani.

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may not know it, but “Nani” means “only” in one of the languages in South-South Nigeria. And for the lovers of music, “Nani” may be all you need for an exciting music break this afternoon – or should I say evening?

Nani” is a party banger that will send many to the dance floor with ease. The song grabs you right from the start and carries you in a trill of engaging beauty and bliss into a world so exciting you should love to stay there a long time.

Where previous songs such as “Zungusha” (featuring Christian Bella), “Chura” and “Majanga” had stopped, “Nani” continues with a belter of thrill. You should love the song and the vibes it will create with you. Simply lifting.

It is inevitable a song that pushes the borders of fan engagement should have a music video.  Snura has not disappointed in this regard. There’s an awesome video to go with the song.

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