IVORY COAST Dj Kedjevara – L’Homme Noir

– L’Homme Noir

Prolific Ivorian disc jockey and hitmaker, is back with another monstrous tune he christens ‘L’Homme Noir’. Still riding hot on the fame of his mid-year singles,’ C’est ça l’idée’ Feat. Chidinma and ‘Likolo’, is definitely listening to his fans and is releasing one smashing tune and another.

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And this time, ‘L’Homme Noir’ will blow your breaths away. The popular Ivorian hitmaker and disc jockey is known for unleashing dope joints like ‘II Faut Te Lever’, ‘Proto Pata’, “Remue la bouteille,” ‘TCHOUCOU TCHOUCOU’ ‘”On va se laisser” feat NASH, ‘Sakana Sakana’ among other others.

So, we definitely know that his latest release titled ‘L’Homme Noir’ is definitely going to give his fans and music lover a baptism of fine music they’ve never had before especially as the yuletide season approaches.

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Click the download button below to enjoy DJ Kedjevara’s latest offering. And while at it, be sure to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. We will be waiting.

Dj Kedjevara - L'Homme Noir: Download


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