David Lutalo – Eat Zote

David Lutalo – Eat Zote
– Eat Zote

Ugandan singer and performer, is marking the end of the year in grand style with a new joint he titles ‘Eat Zote’. While the Nakusiima’ and ‘Nkwagalira’ crooner might not be as popular as other East-African artistes or African musicians in general; has a promising career if he keeps it up.

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And ‘Eat Zote’ further solidifies his fans’ faith and belief in him. ‘Eat Zote’ is a Luganda word meaning ‘Eat Money’ literally in English. While we aren’t expecting you to eat money, you can be sure that David Lutalo wants you to have fun, live life, enjoy the moolah and celebrate the rest of the year in style with his latest single.

We won’t be surprised if ‘Eat Zote’ fast becomes a club and street anthem. Having zoned in on the theme of having fun and living life which is what the coming festive season is all about, you can be sure that fans and music lovers will definitely be marking and enjoying the rest of the year in grander style.

Mid-year saw the Ugandan musician accused of cop-pasting ‘Nkwagalira Ddala’ song from fellow Ugandan artiste Emma Kulishizhi without permission.

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Don’t forget to download ‘Eat Zote’ by clicking the download button below. Plus, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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