Pastor Snow – Riot (Original Mix)

– Riot (Original Mix)

The mix master is here with yet another mix. Titled “Riot,” it is an ambitious medley of beats that will provoke in you a sense of lyrical luxury. The experience is… I don’t have the word for it!

Can one separate from mixes? Apparently not. The muso has been in the mixing game a long time. Now dropping dope mixes is like second nature to him.

Pastor Snow, who had released “Amasole” in collaboration with Caiiro and DJ Slick, has got splendid mixes like “Voices (Original Mix)” and “Eleven Problems (Original Mix)” in his kitty.

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Kid Tini – Wedwa

Other offerings from the South African music maestro include “Civil War,” featuring DJ Click, “Numbere 3,” also featuring DJ Click, “Torn Shoes,” and “Boom (Don’t Go Down)

Pastor Snow has a predilection for titles that hint at societal ills. That aside, he is one voice you should have on your playlist. The muso is as good as they come and in his songs you don’t have to suffer bends in boredom.

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ScoobyNero – Bam Bam

Come on, peeps. Let’s have a “Riot” of good vibes. December is in the corner. But we need not wait till the end of the year to celebrate or dance a jig. Join this “Riot.

Simply stream and download “Pastor Snow – Riot” below, share on social media, and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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