Locko – Hein Hein Ft. Singuila

– Hein Hein Ft. Singuila

Talented Cameroonian singer,  is back to singing following his feature on Stanlet Enow‘s “My Way” back in September alongside .

Produced under the Universal Music Africa deal, this new song from  is titled “Hein Hein” and features the talented Singuila.

Locko whose real name is Charles Arthur Locko Samba started his foray into the music industry from Youtube. As a beginner, he focussed on doing covers of popular songs and posting on Youtube. Operating under the Shawmey Locko name then, he soon got the attention of those that mattered.

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When 2014 came, he had grabbed enough attention and joined Big Dreams Entertainment where he released his first official single, “Perfect Girl” on which he featured Numerica.

When 2015 came, he was coming into his own and stepped away from the Shawmey part of his name, using just Locko, a name that has stuck since then. He went on to drop his first solo effort, “Margo” under his new name and he’s not disappointed since then and on this new one, you can be sure that he did not disappoint either.

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To listen to this new song by Locko and Singuila, stream or download here and drop your comments in the comments section.


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