KENYA Nellythegoon X Benzema – Na iwake

X – Na iwake

This goon isn’t a killer per se. Okay, okay. He does kill, all right. But it is one killing you should be excited about. “kills” verses for a living. He just “killed” a splendid verse titled “Na iwake” in collaboration with .

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Loosely translated from a Kenyan slang, “Na iwake” means “light it up.” The song lives up to its title. It will light up your spirit and ultimately send you to the dance floor in no time. Come on, peeps, light it; life is for living and not pointless brooding.

Kenyan songster is the mastermind of several great jams, including “Kirimino,” featuring Dmore and “Bora Uhai,” also featuring Dmore.

Mixed and mastered by Asy Akatsa, “Na iwake” was actually performed by Nellythegoon, and Dmore under the direction of Hulk Omondi and J. Rabala.

It is already noon. In a few hours it would be evening. But you need not wait till evening tpo light it up. Go on and light up your day now. In “Na iwake” you have got something dope – a lyrical lighter. Flick the switch. Dance a jig.

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