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– Eyelo

Following the success of “Yogo Yaga” released in August, Ivorian music duo,  are back on the scene with a new offering titled “Eyelo” and you better believe it is fire.

The talented duo have taken on the music scene and because of their consistency and the effort they put into their lyrics, they have quickly won fans over and their ever increasing fan base is not about to stop expanding judging by how good this particular offering is.

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DJ Arafat - Dosabado Freestyle

The duo have a distinct style that they have employed since they made their break into the industry. They are known for combining congo melody, rhythms and dance moves and fans have come to associate them with this and of course love them for it.

 consists of talented duo JM (Jean Marie Konan) and Major Goldman (Sébastien Amani) both of who deliver every time on songs, thereby racking up their individual creds and that of their group in the industry.

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DJ Arafat – Lékilé

Their first album, “Salamander” was released in 2003 and it was so good that it could even be said to have launched their careers and the rest as they say is history. As expected, they deliver on this too and we invite you to listen.

To enjoy, stream or download here and remember to drop your comments.


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