RWANDA Emmy – Body 2 Body

Emmy – Body 2 Body

United States-based Rwandan artiste Emmy has dropped a new number that will make you sweat in the club. It is titled “Body 2 Body.

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Of this song, which was produced by a Kenyan, Emmy had this to say: “I know that I had been working out for a few years, and this was often the case of a different lifestyle that was not easy after arriving here. I’m sure they will definitely never stop playing the song anymore.”

While Emmy has boundless faith in his song, some think it should be stopped from the airwaves. But Emmy is undeterred. The lyrics may be controversial and even the music video, but hey it has got to find a home on air.

In the United States it has not been much of a problem. Not so in . Emmy, who is to be found in the company of ’s fine artistes, is looking forward to releasing another single, acclamation for “Body to Body” or no.

One thing you cannot deny the Rwandan is that he is one cask of talents and he has got a fine voice. Go listen to that voice yourself.

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Simply stream and download “Emmy – Body 2 Body” below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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