Dj Kedjevara – Gôlô

Dj Kedjevara – Gôlô

Ivory Coast disc jockey DJ Kedjevera is back with another single “Gôlô,” a wholly solo effort but beautifully rendered.

Since DJ Kedjevara made it to the music scene in the ivory Coast, he has succeeded in clinching a seat for himself in Ivory Coast burgeoning orchestra of good music, releasing songs that wow and win.

Among his many songs are “C’est Djinzin,”  “Potcho Potcho,Il Faut Te Lever” and “Remue la Bouteille.

A common thread that runs through ’s songs is the beauty of the articulation and the production itself. There is very little to fault. knows his vibes and he takes his time delivering it. The result, always, is exquisite.
In “Gôlô, has got a delightful offering that every lover of good music should be pleased to check to out. The song carries you into a world of good vibes, a world you would want to remain in a long time. There is no boring moment with this song. Wouldn’t you rather take a music break with “Gôlô”?

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You should. Go hop on this great jam from a musician out to excite. Simply stream and download “Dj Kedjevara – Gôlô” below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section


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