SOUTH AFRICA Ifani & Nelson Mandela Bay Artists – Uze Ekhaya

& Nelson Mandela Bay Artists – Uze Ekhaya

South African rapper and television personality Mzayifani Mzondeleli Boltina, better known by his adopted stage name , shook off the dust of oblivion when he re-emerged on the music scene with “Sam Sufeketha,” after an extended break. The song had featured the Mandela Bay Artists.

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With the release of his newest track titled “Uze Ekhaya,” which, by the way, also features Madela Bay Artists, is literally marching ahead and eyeing new trophies and challenges.

Fans have had a great sigh when the controversial rapper vanished from the scene. He is back now, his music bags stocked with meat. “Uze Ekhaya” is one bag of meat we are chewing on right now.

Other meaty offerings from the rapper include the monster hit “Relax and Manifest,” “Sijabulile,” featuring Ishmael and African Roots, and “Sushi Dep,” featuring Lex Lafoy and QuenBonafide.

Ifani, who smashed into the music scene with the release of the single “Hola Haters,” has made steady advancement since. His newest offering “Uze Ekhaya” carries the beauty of previous releases. It is a song worth listening to. Find out for yourself.

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Simply stream and download “Ifani & Nelson Mandela Bay Artists – Uze Ekhaya” below and join the conversation in the comment section.

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