is taking manly strides in ’s music space. The release of the track “SIPO NAE” confirms yet again that the singer is not resting on his laurels but marching straight ahead, pushing aside obstacles.

The Makers Entertainment star surely knows how to make music, as he proves again and again. Previous offerings such as “Lau Nafasi,” “Safi Tu,” “HaiNaga UsheMeji,” “Sio Poa,” “Pangusa,” and several others stand him out.

He is also a noted face in the collaboration market, an artiste whose powers as a collaborator has yet to see the indignity of a question mark. And for good reason. takes his art seriously and invests his soul in his music. The result is the effortless grace of his lyrics.

You should be glad to have “SIPO NAE,” which was produced by Yogo Beats, on your playlist. The song will make an excellent diversion for the weekend. Just push aside all distractions and give some time to this song. You will be glad you did. You will love this song. Promise.

Listen to, watch, stream and download “Man Fongo – SIPO NAE” below and drop your thoughts in the comment section. You will love this song. Promise.



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