Safi Madiba – Igifungo

– Igifungo

As a member of the Urban Boys back then, he rocked ’s music space. He has since left the Urban Boys, but Rwandan songster is riding high solo, and engaging new audiences.

His fans worldwide are in for another thrilling music break, as the rapper has just released another song, titled “Igifungo” that compares favourably to anything he has released previously.

With an oeuvre of several dozen songs and still counting, is taking giant strides not only in his native , but in Africa, the world… winning new fans all the way. He can proudly count “Good Morning,” “My Hero,” “Kimwe Kimwe,” “Got It,” “Nisamehe,” featuring , Fine,” featuring Rayvanny, and several others, to his credit.

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Igifungo” will engage you musically but will never hold your faith to ransom. It fulfils every elemental promise it makes, and you find yourself surrendering to its vibes. You will surely want to have “Igifungo” by Safi Madiba on yout playlist.give it a listen and you cannot but agree.

Simply download and stream “Safi Madiba – Igifungo” below and join the conversation in the comment section. We wager you will not only love the song but will share it as well.

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Safi Madiba – My Hero