X Maleya – Dieu N’oublie Personne

X Maleya – Dieu N’oublie Personne

X Maleya, a Cameroonian band composed of Roger Samnig, Auguste Rim and Haissam Zaiter, has just released a new track titled “Dieu N’oublie Personne,” a loud acknowledgement of the divine in the scheme of things.

.the group was formed in 1999 and has become one of the most important in Cameroon. Haissam Zaiter (the white man in the group) is a guitarist, composer-songwriter and arranger; Auguste Rim is a singer, composer-songwriter, choreographer;  and Roger Samnig is an author, type-setter, singer

Dieu N’oublie Personne,” which was a produced by XM Music, is a message of hope that would regenerate the faith of those who think God has left them behind.

It is also a message for those who only acknowledge God when things are going well in there lives but begin to doubt Him and speak nonsense about him in social interactions and on social media.

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Translated from the French, part of the lyrics reads:

“Yaweh is your daddy oo

He never forgets

He never forgets no one ehh

Allelluia Yaweh is your daddy ooh

He never forgets

He never forgets nobody ehh.

Well, there you got it. God never forgets. He is right there and may be working on your case. And since your eyes are limited to the physical, just have faith and believe things will tuen out well. If He gave you a Camry earlier, He will give you a Ferrari later.

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To enjoy this song of hope and faith in the divine, simply download “Dieu N’oublie Personne” by below and enjoy this fine song from this fine band.


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