USAEminem – Venom (Music From The Motion Picture)

Eminem – Venom (Music From The Motion Picture)

Eminem has dropped the outro for his latest album, “Kamikaze” that came as a surprise when it was dropped and this outro is titled “Venom – Music From The Motion Picture”. Yup! Surprised? Calm down, we’re not at the surprising stage yet.

We know everything from Eminem is dope, yeah? Well, this one is too. It’s just that… err… you might want to read the lyrics first before deciding on whether or not you want to subject yourself to … sorry, listen to the weirdly delightful thing that he just released.

In “Venom”Eminem raps about extra terrestrial life and choke-holds, which is perfect since the song is a soundtrack for the dreaded “Venom” movie set to premiere on October 5.

In one part, he went all: “I said knock knock, let the devil in, Shotgun p-p-pellets in the felt pen
Cocked, fuck around and catch a hot one, I-i-it’s evident I’m not done
V-venomous, the thought spun, Like your web and you just caught in ’em
Held against your will like a hubcap or a mud flap, Be strangled or attacked
So this ain’t gonna feel like a love tap, Eat painkiller pills, fuck a blood track”

This one is a must hear because, well, it’s Eminem and well, the song is dope, even if it’s weird. But if you’ve been looking forward for the “Venom” movie to drop, you’ll definitely love this as well.

To enjoy, stream or download below and remember to drop your thoughts in the comments section.


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