Nas Ft. Kanye West – Cops Shot The Kid (DJ Green Lantern Remix)

Ft. – Cops Shot The Kid (DJ Green Lantern Remix)

A remix of  and ‘ “Cops Shot the Kid” is out and was done by none other than DJ Green Lantern and it may not have the firepower of the original song but it has its own merits and has fans swooning over it.

Easily one of the biggest DJs in town, DJ Green Lantern shot to limelight after his signing by  as the official DJ of Shady Records.

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James D’Agostino known in music circles as DJ Green Lantern has made music for the very best in the industry. As a producer, he has worked with the likes of Ludacris, Immortal Technique, , D’Block among others.

He is behind hit songs like “Rex Ryan”, “Trifecta”, “Bin Laden”, “Change”, “Know About Me”, “Cops Keep Firing”, “Eric B”, “Hustler’s Wife”, and others.

DJ Green Lantern‘s mixtapes like “2002 Shady Times: Invasion Part I”, “2003 Invasion Part II: Conspiracy Theory”, “2004 Invasion Part III: Countdown to Armageddon” are some of the most respected works around.

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On this remix of  and ‘s song, DJ Green Lantern spit lines that show again just how good and influential he is.

To enjoy the song, stream or download below and remember to drop your comments.

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