Gravity Omutujju – People Power

– People Power

Ugandan rapper,  returns in style with a new one titled “People Power” and you just can tell right away that he’s in a revolutionary mood as he spits fire.

Of course the release of the song can’t be divested of the fact that it could have something to do with the arrest and continued detention of Bobi Wine who is a singer and politician and is currently being persecuted by the government in power for his opposition against the President’s attempt to rule for life.

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The talented singer may be young but he has made a name for himself with his topnotch songs like: “Tewemalangam”, “Teli Dogo”, “Ekyebeyi”, “Ebijanjaalo”, “Olimba”, “Ndeekamwoyo”, “Batima”, “Walumbe Zaaya”, “Omwoto”.

In 2013, he won the Teeniez Breakout Artist award and Best Hip Hop Song at the HiPipo Music Awards. He was again nominated in 2014 but didn’t win.

 started the year with a feature on OS Suna‘s remix of “Tewali Mbeera”. In May, he dropped “Black Panther” obviously to tap into the sign of the times then. “Kiyinji” followed in June alongside Tick Bwai before dropping “Kimanazino” earlier this month.

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On “People Power”, he sings of affirmation and about how there’s nothing stronger than the power of the people and considering the volatile nature of the times, it’s a song that’s catch on fast.

To enjoy, stream or download and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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