DJ Arafat – Pkôky Ft. Yvan Tresor

– Pkôky Ft. Yvan Tresor

He is in a world all his own, the first DJ and musician in the Coupé Décalé movement to have a solo concert in the Abidjan Culture Palace, the largest dining room in the .

Born Ange Didier Houon in 1986, has something yet on offer. It is his song titled “Pkôky,” featuring rapper Yvan Tresor.

He actually had his first musical break at the beginning of the cut-off movement what he was discovered by producer Roland Le Binguiste.

By exposure to the studio, he was able to release his first discographic work. the song “Hommage to Jonathan” especially stood out and exposed him to a wide audience back home and in French Africa.

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He has performed alongside other top acts including Douk Saga and Mulukuku DJ. He stands out today as one of the most popular musicians in

and Yvan Tresor make a contagious collaborative pair. They are just so good together, and this is certainly not their first collaboration. They have had several collaborations in the past, including “Kpoki” and “Ma Cherie Coco.

On his own, Yvan Trésor has distinguished himself with several songs including “Le smakpess chinois,”  “Gymnastique,” and “Mortal combat.”

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Pkôky” is an invitingly melodious offering you will be pleased to listen to.

Go on and treat yourself to a dose by downloading or streaming “Pkôky by DJ Arafat, featuring Yvan Tresor below:


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