USA Ghostface Killah – Saigon Velour Ft. Snoop Dogg, E-40 & L.A. The Darkman

Ghostface Killah – Saigon Velour Ft. , & L.A. The Darkman

American rapper Dennis Coles, better known by his stage name Ghostface Killah, has just released a brand new – and one may say disarmingly triumphant – track titled “Saigon Velour,” with other A-list American rappers as features.

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Saigon Velour” is off the singer’s soon to be released album titled “The lost Tapes.

At 48, Ghostface Killah may be among the oldest rappers still singing in the United States, but he is certainly one of the best, as attested to in this song.

Saigon Velour” is an instrumental soar away beat, lyrically deep, imaginative, and worth the listening time of just anyone who knows what music really is.

The track carries the meme of braggadocio and devil-may-care audacity prevalent in the rap and hip-hop world, as we see in the following lyrics:

An ounce of the blueberry, big bottle of Titos
Count the plaques on the wall, like I sing for the Beatles
Went from label to label, changed my name to Clark Gabel
Tony Starkaroni probably fucked your aunt Mabel

It is thrilling not just in the knowledge of having legends , and L.A. The Darkman on the track, but in the sheer mastery brilliance on offer.

The track was produced by Big Ghost Limited.

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Download or stream “Saigon Velour” below and sing your way out of ghost mode. Life is to be rocked. So, go, sing! You may as well join the conversation in the comment section.

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