IVORY COASTAmaral – Emporter

Amaral – Emporter

Ivory Coast Zouglou artiste Amaral’s single titled “Emporter” packs the promises of an artiste with big dreams; not your Alpha Blondy, but someone with strong ambition to get close to the star of that legend.

For those who don’t know, zouglou, which originated in Ivory Coast, is a dance-centric style of music. It has its stylistic origins in zouk, raga and saka music.

Amaral landed in the middle of the zouglou revolution in 2016 with his song “We have the Ventre Vide.” He has got a soulful voice that readily charms his people back home in the Ivory Coast, and he will surely charm you in this song

Not only has his musical artistry been recognized, it has also made him a preferred guest on radio.

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Just after “EmporterAmaral had released his album “We Are Already Born,” which blazes with excellent zouglou vibes.

If you have lived on rap and hip-hop and RnB and whatever else, but are not familiar with zouglou, this should be your introduction, and we are optimistic it will make a great impression.

Download or stream “Emporter” by Amaral below and listen to this invigorating song. Hey, one must no live on rap and hip-hop alone!


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