BOJ – Bill Up

Top Nigerian rapper BOJ, who collaborated with East London rapper Myers only a month ago for “ Ruru Akara (Loose Control),” has just released “Bill Up,” his very first single of the year.

It may be his first single of the year, but assuredly, this is a song of splendid resonance, a tune of populist musicality and grace.

The song is seductive and titillating, not just in the lyrics but in the cover art as well, billing up sensuous emotions from you.

BOJ, whose 5-track EP “Mae E No Cause Trouble,” featuring Ajebutter22, entrenched itself in the consciousness of Nigerians with sheer beauty of such tracks as “Amala” and “Tungba,” has given us in “Bill Up” another song that will surely resonate with Nigerians and electrify his name in their consciousness.

Earlier this month, BOJ had been featured Flowssick in the the single “Balance” by JoulesDaKid, where he sang his soul out. In “Bill Up,” we get a similar experience, as we find BOJ in his elements, taking us soulfully with him

GMK did a fine job with the production of this song.

DownloadBill Upby BOJ below, and let us know what you think of the song in the comment section.


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