Gravity Omutujju – Kimanazino

– Kimanazino

Top Luga rapper and one of ’s finest rappers ever has just released a music video titled “Kimanazino.

In Shona and Swahili, “Kimanazino” literally means “It’s too late.” And it may be “too late” if you don’t understand how a woman’s mind works, and worst of all you are broke, or among those who think it is okay to be broke.

The singer continues a good run of form apparent in earlier releases such “Kiyinji” featuring Tick Bwai, and in “Black Panther.

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, whose birth name is Gereson Wabuyi, is CEO of Trouble Entertainment, a record label. His songs include “Ebijanjaalo,” “Olimba,”  “Ndeekamwoyo,”Batima,” “Walumbe,” Zaaya,” andOmwoto”

In “Kimanazino” the public has got something to binge on while getting ready for the singer’s ‘Embuzzi Zakutudde’ concert slated for 22nd September.

This music video is essentially about love, and the role money and gifts play in keeping it alive and red hot. So in a relationship one should never underestimate the importance of money. Go get it. Just get it right.

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Pest of Grate Make Films directed the video. It is laden with aesthetic merit.

Download “Kimanazino” by Gravity Omutujju below. We are optimistic it will encourage you increase your hustle and make make. It is not good to be broke.




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