Hoodrich Pablo Juan & PDE Escobar – Dance Moves

& PDE Escobar – Dance Moves

New Music Alert! Atlanta rappers and PDE Escobar set off “Pablo Escobar” rampage with recently released single “Dance moves”. This chart-topping single is one for the books.

Fast-rising rapper, grew up in the slums of the infamously dangerous Atlanta neighborhood. He started to pursue music professionally in 2015 by simply recording music on his own computer and putting it out into the same streets that he used to hustle in.

He broke into the industry with the release of his solo mixtape, “Designer Drugz”, in March, 2015. This project showcased his lyrical skills alongside that of the Migos, Jose Guapo and Peewee Longway, increasing his overall level of exposure.

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His initial collaboration with the aforementioned artists, known as “Trap Dab Freestyle” received a great deal of acclaim in the trap music community and has paved the way for a successful music career.

The proud Muslim and Hoodrich Entertainment boss followed “Designer Drugz” with a string of mixtapes including “Designer Drugz 2” and “Master Sensei” in 2016. He also released “Hood Wolf”, a collaborative release between himself and the infamous trap producer, Danny Wolf, in 2017.

Hoodrich ‘Pablo’ Juan has had several collaborations with notable artistes like , Yung Mal, Soulja Boi and more.

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Collaborator, PDE Escobar is a fast rising Atlanta rapper plunged into limelight with the release of his album “Narcos” in 2017. The talented artiste is well on his way to the top with hit songs like “Off the Porche”, “Work my move” and “Drip my move”.

“Dance Moves” fully showcase how well their musical styles compliment each other. Pablo and Escobar fully set the bar with this one.

For the full experience, download or stream now and remember to share your thoughts with us.

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