Nick Dimpoz – Vitamin ft. Oda Paccy

– Vitamin ft. Oda Paccy

In the Rwandan artiste dashing good looks meet disarming good vibes. You come to the conclusion without even searching, because it is right there, in your face – and in your ears.

Vitamin,” his newest song, in collaboration with Oda Paccy, abounds with the artiste’s usual vim and assured delivery.

The song drops you on a poultice of musical loam, and you find yourself growing with it, nodding to it, unwilling to let go. With this song you are certainly on a thrilling journey without regrets.

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By the way, this is what one should expect from a singer of Dimpoz’s artistry and dedication, same singer who had released “Beacoup” and “Uzaba Umbwira” to great success.

In having Oda Paccy Uzamberumwana, one of the most talented rappers in , on this track, Dimpoz pulled off a great collaboration that will shine in any house of musical mastery.

Oda Paccy Uzamberumwana, who started her music career in 2009, has several songs to her credit including “Icyabuze” featuring Rider Man and Mani Martin, “Amaganya,” “Ndi Uwawe,” “Biteye Ubwoba,” “Game of Love,” and “Gangster Love” featuring Knowless and Jay Polly

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Download “Vitamin” by and Oda Paccy below. Everyone sure needs a dose of vitamin!

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