Ramzy x Tenor – Bon Trouvé

Ramzy x – Bon Trouvé

One is tempted to think of Ramzy as ’s version of Don Jazzy. The producer and hit maker sure knows how to spit them bars and meld them as well into titillating vibes that leave you asking for more.

And this is clearly evident in his new track titled “Bon Trouvé.” We think highly of this song, and it is sure to stick as one of the finest of this month from , young though the month may be

With songs and music videos such as “LVMH,” “ALELOUYAH,” and several others, , the collaborator on “Bon Trouvé,” shows himself as approaching heavyweight status in ’s music industry.

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made history in 2017, at age 19, when he sighed a deal with Universal Music a milestone for a Cameroonian living in Africa

As a matter of fact, “Bon Trouvé” is not Ramzy and Tenor’s first collaboration. Ramzy has been a core production hand in several of Tenor’s songs and music videos. “VENTRE,” “Mariage,” “JSTM,” “Balance,” “BOBO,” and several others readily come to mind.

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Bon Trouvé” benefitted immensely from the sheer musical genius of Tenor. We consider “Bon Trouvé” one of the finest collaborations we have seen this month.

Download “Bon Trouvé” by Ramzy and Tenor below and see the reason for our verdict. You may as well join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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