Blaze – Nimba Umustar Ft. Dream Boys

The world is full of dreamers. Some dream and keep dreaming life pass them by. Some dream awake, look adversity in the face and go ahead to accomplish their goals and dreams. Others are yet dreaming, with a focus that can raze a field.

Petty is one of such people with a fiery focus. “I’m really dreamed of being a great musician, and I have a great deal of help in my dream that I can enjoy some of the productions of , including my song “Kagezi””

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Dream Boys - Wagiye kare

He should know, being the arrowhead of the music video Nimba Umustar,featuring .

This young musician from has got an extraordinary voice, one that could open doors anywhere and even turn sadness to smiles.

Compared to other countries like Nigeria and South Africa, is yet to make a real impact in the world’s music scene. But with the likes of Petty and his coming on the scene, it won’t be long before claims its rightful place in the world’s music horizon.

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The Hero – Ninjye

Petty and his Dream Boys have worked pretty hard, and the result is this video, one that is sure to take its place among the beautiful in the genre.

Watch the video below:


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