SOUTH AFRICA Revolution – Titulaire

Revolution – Titulaire

“Titulaire” is the newest song from the South African musical group Revolution, made up of twin brothers George and Joseph Mothiba, born 41 years ago in Alexandra, .

The duo has been in the music industry almost two decades. They shot into the limelight with the release of their hit single, “Vhavenda.” This fetched them the South African Music Awards in the Best Selling Release category in 2003.

George and Joseph Mothiba, who first dabbled in music at age 17, are not your women-obsessed, fame-crazed and ganja-smoking collective. The duo, who count Ghetto Ruff and the producer Baby Joe among their influences, neither drink nor smoke.

As a rule, they both keep low profiles. George has this to say to Sowetan Live: “…being all over the place, trying to impress people does more harm than good”

They run Four Sounds Productions and record their songs themselves. They are, however, quick to confess that combining the roles of artistes and producers have not been easy.

Their music tilts towards Afro dance. And “Titulaire,one of the songs in their album “Energy,” registers this Afro dance bias. Here we have a billet-doux brimming with football imagery and sent hot to a paramour.

It is safe to say this is one of the quirks of revolution, a group obsessed with sounds and things unique.

Download “Titulaire” by George and Joseph Mothiba below:



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