ItsMOSA – Colours I Hear

itsMOSA – Colours I Hear

The talented Nigerian singer and producer itsMosa, releases the highly anticipated result of his tireless efforts in the form of his debut album titled, “Colours I Hear”. The album which boasts of an 11 track playlists, displays itsMosa’s exceptional music talent in a way we have never experienced before.

Mosa Adegboye, known for short as just Mosa or itsMosa, has been up to some tremendous stuff recently. Known for his celestial vocals on a love-inspired ballads, he dropped an ode of global standards in the form of his banging hit single Doubt itreleased off theColours I Hearalbum earlier this year.

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ThePerfectsong artiste is also known for dabbling in a variety of genres, mixing and mashing them up until it has the unique Mosa feel. “Colours I Hear” thus is an interesting composition of variety and raw talent as Mosa made sure that his passion for the musical art was embedded in this one.

“Colours I hear” features banging tracks like “Doubt it”, “Grey“, “Battle scars” and a sensational freestyle titled, “Sorry, Not sorry”.

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This is a wonderful collection you wouldn’t want to miss, simply stream, download itsMosa’s debut album right here and let us know just what tracks gave you the feels and which ones put you in the mood to do the ‘Jig’.

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