Bandanah – Toto Ft. KForce & Spizzo

If you were wowed, like we were, by Kenyan music sensation Bandanah’s (Ndanah Miqassa’s) track “Kitege, featuring Naiboi and , you would certainly love “Toto, his most recent collaboration with and .

Bandanah has been a pillar to most young music talents in and has collaborated with several important names in the industry. His singles include “Eh Yawa” and “Siyora,” and they were well received.

His collaborator Kevin Ambalwa, famous as Kayvo , grew up in Kibera, a slum of Nairobi, , and his experiences have been recorded in songs and videos, including “Ghetto. It may well be why he is the blunt and no-nonsense type.

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Bandanah and once accused singers Timmy and Otile Brown of stealing their song “Wenbe,” but they denied it

Timmy said: “First I don’t know these two artistes and they are trying to be relevant by creating a fake story… ”

“Toto is a banger that will surely keep you entertained. It was produced by KOMPAKT RECORDZ – KASHKEED (pronounced cash kid. An appropriate nomen, one may say, seeing the obvious message of cash and plenty in the songs coming out of studios these days.

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Click the link below and have a good listen. Share the song. And, in the comments section, tell us what you think about it.

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