Gravity Omutujju – Kiyinji ft. Tick Bwai

– Kiyinji ft. Tick Bwai (Photo Credit: Facebook/ )

Ugandan rapper, is in a place of his own. Ever since he achieved a break into the Ugandan music industry, the Trouble Entertainment act has been releasing dope hits back to back; which is no wonder why he’s achieved a steady climb in the industry.

, who’s one of the top Luga flow artists and raps fiercely in Luganda is back again with a fiery tune for his ever-growing fans; as he releases his latest cut titled “Kiyinji” featuring fellow Ugandan music star, Tick Bwai.

“Kiyinji” comes after the release of “Black Panther”, a fiercely hot reply to the “Who Is Who” Hip Hop Challenge that was started by Rapper Fefe Busi via a song titled “Who Is Who” in which he threw shades at rappers like Gravity Omutujju, Da Agent, Fik Fameica, Victor Kamenyo, among others.

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Unlike other hip-hop acts who were quick to catch the smouldering iron, Gravity Omutujju is known for taking his time and striking at the hottest point when the embers of fire has died in others.

And when he released “Black Panther” in May this year, he didn’t attack the originator of the challenge- Fefe Busi or fellow rappers who replied to the challenge.

Instead, he tore at the throats of some veteran rappers like Navio, Rocky Giant, GNL Zamba and Babaluku.

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And now, while he isn’t tearing at the jugulars of his fellow rap acts, the Luganda star is definitely stoking the fires of his music in the heats of his fans with his latest cut christened “’Kiyinji”.

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