KENYA Tunji – Dash

Tunji – Dash

East Africa presenter, and “Mat Za Ronga” hit maker, Tunji has just released the official video for his single titled “Dash”. The Cxdy produced-trap anthem has been receiving massive airplay since its release.

The beat full of trap snares and a few airhorns to let you know it’s lit. A looped and reversed vocal sample ties it all together.

“Dash” sees Tunji delivering a soft, harmonic record that captivates ones feelings as he often likes to do. it’s no surprise that his buzz continues to rise with each and every release, and deservingly so.

“Mat Za Ronga” is one of the biggest trap songs in Nairobi, believe it or not. Every time the Kenyan DJ and producer gets on stage to perform the track; the euphoria is just too massive.

That’s what the 24 year old managed to do with his debut track. In fact, so huge is the record that the OG himself hit up Tunji so that they could record the remix.

The original “Mat Za Ronga” video garnered over 85,000, views with an even bigger remix with one of the biggest Hip Hop acts in the country.

 “Mat Za Ronga” was inspired out of Tunji’s love for Rongai matatu culture. He was hanging out with his friends when they started freestyling about the matatus.  “That led to me writing a full song about them. We were amazed by how dope they looked,” said Tunji.

Get to know Tunji by watching the video below and enjoy his latest offering filled with Caribbean dance tracks, trap beats, and some of his own tunes.



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