Demallacka Tugha – Azarara

Demallacka Tugha – Azarara

Rwandan Musanze-based Afro-pop and jazz musician, Demallacka Tugha is out with his first new single this mid-year with a brand new joint he names Azarara”. “Azarara’ is a follow up to his single “Umubumbe” which was released late last year and enjoyed moderate success.

Not one to give up easily or rest on his success, the Rwandan music act is back bigger and better this time, and you would definitely not be disappointed when you listen to “Azarara”.

‘Azarara” is groovy, infectious, filled with sweet vocals, with drum beats, and instrumentals blending perfectly in the background to create this sweet tune that will surely leave you feeling refreshed.

To enjoy this latest offering from Demallacka Tugha, simply click here to download or stream “Azarara.” While at it, don’t forget to relay your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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