SOUTH AFRICA YoungstaCPT x Maloon TheBoom – Whose Who In The Zoo

x – Whose Who In The Zoo

Get ready to listen to South African rapper ’s verses for the long haul. It’s a new week, new video from SA music star and Maloon The Boom. This time, they commission “Whose Who In The Zoo”.

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After hustling for some “Krugers” and serving us hot with “Muchas Gracias” off their “To Be Continued” Mixtape, YoungstaCPT has no troubles returning to the hood he represents in “Whose Who In The Zoo”.

Wonder why he teams up with Own The Block Entertainment on the cool visual of his song? “Whose Who In The Zoo” sees YoungstaCPT take a ride in the hood with his hommies as they take us through a documentary of who owns the hood.

His distinct sound allows his Cape coloured accent to permeate smoothly as he tells his story unapologetically, with both conviction and vulnerability. And just as we know him, the features are kept to a minimum.

YoungstaCPT and crafted a body of work in “Whose Who In The Zoo” that both entertains and makes you reflect a bit. Their rapper-producer chemistry is insanely meshed, and we couldn’t be happier to listen to dope tracks like this on To Be Continued, which we hope will be indeed continued.

Plus, you just can’t ignore the lyrical wizardry displayed by YoungstaCPT on “Whose Who In The Zoo”. It’s no surprise that he’s one of SA’s best lyricist and modern emcees.

He also deftly inserts his reflection of his identity, culture, life and every other thing, in this latest hit tune, which significantly sets him apart from other emcees.

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