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It’s been over 3 months (1st February, 2018) now since Goodlyfe singer, Sekibogo Moses Nakintije, popularly known as , died but new music of his is always released to keep his voice and legacy alive.

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One of such songs Radio recorded in studio before he died is titled “Mary Jane.”

was one of Ugandan’s best ever vocalists with an amazing talent. His sweet vocals, song writing skills, and personality built such a strong fortress in Goodlyfe as one of the best ever record labels alongside his singing partner Weasel.

It is for this reason that Goodlyfe pledged to keep the flames burning and his legacy alive for as long as possible.

Mary Jane is another reggae love song by the talented vocalist and singer Radio and it was one of his last projects he ever did from Angel Music, a new music label he had just started up with fellow singer Michael Ross.

“Mary Jane” was released by Goodlyfe with hopes that you’ll enjoy it and dedicate to your loved ones, and also keep their memories burning alive in your hearts as they do for Mowzey Radio.

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To enjoy this latest offering, simply click here to download “Mary Jane”, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Mowzey Radio - Mary Jane: Download


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