SOUTH AFRICAZingah – Fuck Your Forgiveness

Zingah –Fuck Your Forgiveness

Top SA trap rapper, Zingah, is out with a new electrifying smash hit titled “Fuck Your Forgiveness”.

This time around, it looks like South Africa’s own Lord of the Jig has shrugged off all niceties, isn’t interested in ending beef, and is out for the kill with his brand new 90 seconds track, “Fuck Your Forgiveness”.

For those who haven’t following Zingah’s moves for quite a while, a little jog down the memory lane will definitely do you some good. In recent times, Zingah hasn’t been playing Mr. Goody Two Shoes.

In fact, NaijaTurnUp saw him go for the jugulars of his haters like a lion when he unleashed his lyrical monster –“For The Level” EP a few months back.

The year 2018 has been full of drama for Zingah. The SA hip hop big boy continued to release strikingly-hot tunes like “Hyella Mayn”, “Too Litty”, “Outta My Face”, featuring Kwesta, ‘Get em”, “Still Alive’ and “Move!”.

And now, he’s back with “Fuck Your Forgiveness” which screams “Outta My Face” to haters, and telling his fans that he’s “Still Alive” since life is mostly about the bucks and the grands.

There’s definitely no sign of showing forgiveness in ”Fuck Your Forgiveness” and if haters were to love themselves, they’d ‘Move!”

Enjoy this latest offering from Zingah and  watch him grooving with his brotherz from another mother, taking an unapologetic stand and not being sorry about some of his misdoings in “Fuck Your Forgiveness”.

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Zingah – Fuck Your Forgiveness


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