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– This Is America

Perhaps it’s time someone stood up to fight against gun violence, discrimination, exploitation and harassment of the black people in America. And what better way to command a powerful rally and awake the world and America from its slumber if we don’t use music to address a problem that has been ignored as “unimportant”.

— the musical pseudonym/alter ego for Atlanta based writer and actor Donald Glover has released “This Is America” to address the discrimination black Americans face in America.

In America, a lot of people especially the blacks get shot. From killing of black kids in schools, to being killed by the police, and the killing of ten people in a church by a white man in Charleston, the blacks are trapped and dying in a sea of ugliness.

And in ’s new video for “This Is America”, things are no different from reality.

While the mesmerising video  directed by Hiro Murai shows Gambino dancing  with graceful moves and singing with glee while  all sorts of violence takes place all around him, the lyrics of the song forces people to relive the trauma of what they’d rather not acknowledge, as it would ruin the pretty pictures they’d conjured.

After a light refrain from a gospel choir, Gambino adds: “We just wanna party, party just for you.” However, “party” quickly turns to disaster. “Party” here means social vices such as police violence, racial stereotypes and social media obsession which are all components of the modern American experience.

This is Childish Gambino’s first new release since his 2016 Grammy-award-winning album Awaken, My Love! Glover has also announced that his unnamed upcoming album will be his last under the moniker. So, you could say Gambino intends to leave with the loudest of ovations.



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