Gravity Omutujju – Black Panther

– Black Panther

You know when “wahala” sits down gently in one corner and you decide to look for its trouble? It gives you a dose of its potion with class and style. That’s what did with his latest song – “Black Panther”.

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“Black Panther” is a dope and fiercely hot reply to the “Who Is Who” Hip Hop Challenge that was started by Rapper Fefe Busi via a song titled “Who Is Who” in which he throws a shade at rappers like , Da Agent, Fik Fameica, Victor Kamenyo, among others.

Unlike other rappers who released replies, Gravity decided to stay in the dark and watch the drama as it unfolded. This behaviour was misinterpreted by critics and the media as an act of cowardice. Little did they know that Gravity Omutujju was preparing to whip up a storm.

And when he rode out on the storm, he didn’t attack Fefe Busi, Da Agent, Victor Kamenyo, and the likes. Like a lion, he went for the jugulars of some veteran rappers like Navio, Rocky Giant, GNL Zamba and Babaluku in “Black Panther”.

“Black Panther” is a self-appraisal song that tells the world that Gravity is far better than bigwigs like Navio and the likes. He begins the song by calling himself the Black Panther and welcoming them to Wakanda land.

He talks about how he came out like a whirlwind and consumed the Hip Hop scene, and overtook all the rappers who now hate him because of his success.

He further boasts that he is still the only competent rapper who understands what Ugandans want having been on the scene for over 8 years.

Gravity Omutujju had a lot to tell the rap bigwigs. You have to listen to this lyrical destruction and see how he puts these veterans to their knees.

Going by the lyrical content in this song, it isn’t farfetched to assume that Gravity intends to also initiate another Hip Hop challenge with these Hip Hop bigwigs like Fefe Busi did.

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Oh! And while listening to “Black Panther”, don’t forget to strike the Wakanda Forever pose.

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