SOUTH AFRICA Tol A$$ Mo – Siyenza Ama C

Tol A$$ Mo – Siyenza Ama C

He might be funny as hell as a comedian but Tol A$$ Mo definitely does pack some lyrical grind as well. He proves this fact to critical acclaim on a brand new scorcher that he titles “Siyenza Ama C.”

It is not as if this is Tol A$$ Mo‘s first joint as a rapper having commissioned some blazing records in the past. However, as he readies for the premiere of a comedy album, he definitely lets off some steam for the day one’s.

“Siyenza Ama C” is one for the hustle, the paper, the moolah and the bank. On this latest groove, Tol A$$ Mo offers lessons which should be your own motivation and inspiration for the good life.

Overall, “Siyenza Ama C” is all dope, blaze, fire and flames and its fierce lines as well as its sizzling hook will get you hooked in an instant and jiffy.

The weekend is about to become a lituation with this dose of Tol A$$ Mo screamer. Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.



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